Rat or Mouse Cardiomyocytes Plated on 25cm2 Culture Flasks

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Cardiomyocytes Plated on 25cm2 Culture Flasks 

Introducing our new line of live cardiomyocytes from Sprague-Dawley rat or C57 mouse adhered to tissue culture treated 25cm2 culture flasks shipped directly to your laboratory with no loss in cell survival.

  • Dramatically reduce time and costs  of your cardiomyocyte experiments.
  • Optimized for cardiomyocytes.
  • Cardiomyocytes are seeded at 75,000cells/cm2 ( approximately 1.8 X 106 per flask)
  • Great for cardiotoxicity, function, and other applications.

Cardiomyocytes are plated on Friday for overnight shipment the following Monday unless it is a Federal Holiday or other scheduled company closure date. All order must be received 24 hours prior to cell plating. Cardiomyocyte cultures arrive at 4 days in culture.

Please Note: For cell survival, an immediate media exchange with the supplied NbCardio culture media is required.