Papain/HE (Papain plus 5 ml HE-Ca)

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Papain (EC

Included: Papain - 6 mg, sterile, lyophilized powder prepared from a 2X crystalline suspension.

               Hibernate® E-Ca (HE-Ca) - 5 ml, sterile

Store at 2-8°C.  

Prepare cell dissociation medium at a concentration of 2 mg/ml papain in Hibernate® E-Ca (HE-Ca) without B27™ for embryonic dissociations or Hibernate® A-Ca (HA-Ca) without B27™ for adult dissociations .

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Click here for Papain Protocol

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Papain (EC Provided: Papain, 6 mg, sterile, lyophilized powder prepared from a 2X crystalline suspension.

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