Dissociated Cells From E18 SD Rat


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Dissociated E18 Sprague Dawley Hippocampal or Cortical Cells Stored in Hibernate® EB Complete Media

Now we make it even easier for you to start your primary neuronal cultures!

Single cell suspensions from Fresh E18 rat hippocampal tissue stored in 2 mL of Hibernate® EB Complete. 12 mL of NbActiv1 culture media is provided to initiate a culture of primary rat hippocampal or cortical neurons. Dissociated cells are viable for up to 14 days in media when stored at 4ºC.

Hippocampus guaranteed to yield 1.0 million viable cells

Cortex guaranteed to yield 2.0 million viable cells.

Other Cell types available upon request.


All orders must be received the day before the specified ship date. All embryonic rat tissue is shipped for overnight delivery on Tuesday and Thursday each week unless it is a Federal Holiday or other scheduled company closure date.

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